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Our Family Home in Portugal

Welcome to our family home in Portugal. Situated in Carapinheira, nearby Lisbon, and not far from the beach and some amazing sightseeing spots, this family home is for sure the place to relax and enjoy your stay in Portugal.

The house in the countryside has everything you need for a perfect holiday with family or friends. In The very large garden surrounding the house has plenty of places to relax. Hanging a hammock between the trees, laying lazy on the grass, or just sitting sipping drinks in one of the many corners of the garden will for sure make you want to stay forever.

For families with children, the garden offers lots of place for the kids to explore, play hide and seek, set up a tent or a small pool, climb trees and so much more. You will be able to relax and let the kids run free without having to entertain them all the time. It’s paradise for them, and for you too!

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