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Top 20 - FAQ

Here are the top 20 most frequently asked questions

  1. How far am I from the city center?
    Not that far. It’s about 25 minutes with the metro & bus, 30 minutes by bike (including free ferry) and 10 minutes by car (not advisable).
  2. Are there buses, metro or trains going to my house?
    There are buses coming to my house. All information available here.
  3. What’s the best way to get to my house?
    That depends on your transportation. All information available here.
  4. What time can I check in?
    The room is ready after 3pm. You are welcome to come earlier to drop your bags and collect the key code but you cannot stay here while waiting for the room.
  5. Is the breakfast included?
    No, but there is a fridge available for you to keep whatever you want to buy. You can use my kitchen to prepare breakfast until 12 pm. 
    If you wish for me to arrange for breakfast that has an extra charge of € 10,00 per person per day.
  6. Is the bathroom shared?
    Yes. There is a second toilet on the ground floor and the room upstairs has its own washing table.
  7. Are bed linen and towels included?
    Yes, everything is included.
  8. What other amenities are included?
    I provide shower gel/shampoo, coffee and tea and a lot more stuff for you to enjoy.
  9. Can I use the kitchen?
    The kitchen is only available for preparing breakfast until 12 pm. Preparing other meals is not possible.
  10. Is there a lounge area?
    No. The living room is my private area. You are welcome to sit there but please ask before doing so.
  11. Can I use the garden?
    Yes, the garden is available for everybody at all times
  12. Is there Wi-fi?
  13. Do I get a key to the house?
    I have a smart lock. You need to download the app and I’ll send you an invitation code. You are free to get in and out anytime you want.
  14. Do I get a key to my room?
    No. The rooms don’t have a lock. I do not lock any of my rooms either.
  15. Can I come home very late?
    Off-course, Just keep it quiet not to disturb anyone. See instructions about the night bus here.
  16. Are there pets in the house?
    Yes, my cats and my dog walk around free through the house. You should be an animal lover if staying here J
  17. Can I ‘hang around’ all day?
    I prefer if you don’t. I work at home and if guests stay in all day that sometimes might disturb my work.
  18. Are there other people in the house?
    Probably yes, there are two guest rooms in the house and I live here as well.
  19. Can I do laundry
    Only upon request = € 7,00 per load wash/dry
  20. When do I need to check out?
    Check-out is at 11am. If you are having breakfast, you need to do so early enough so you are ready to check-out at 11am.

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