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Travel Tips & Getting Around

For obvious reasons, the best way to get around is by bike. You can rent a bike and cycle to my house and enjoy other areas around the north part of the city. Cycling in the city center is not advisable. You’ll understand why when you get here :-) 

If you are planning to use buses and trams while you are in the city you should buy a multiple day ticket as soon as you arrive. You can get that at the airport or at any train station or GVB store.  It will save you a lot of money.


The GVB day or multiple day cards entitles you to unlimited travel around Amsterdam – day and night – on bus, tram and metro, for the number of hours that best suits your plans. The day card is valid for 24 hours from first check in up until the same hour 24 hours later (or more if you have more days ticket).  Also available for children.

Note: these tickets are only valid in GVB metros, trams, and buses. Thus, these are not valid in the regional buses of Connexxion and EBS or on the train.

More information on the GVB store here.

Amsterdam & Region Day Ticket = REGIONAL BUS + CITY BUS + TRAM + METRO

If you are feeling like exploring beyond the borders of the city, in less than 30 minutes you will discover excellent shopping cities like Haarlem, the majestic windmills at Zaanse Schans, the famous tulip fields in and around the Keukenhof, and historic towns like Edam, Volendam and Marken. Take some time to discover the Amsterdam Area!

This card is valid for GVB and regional carriers Connexxion and EBS.
More information on the Connexxion site see here.
Travel area and highlights of the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket here.


You can buy all the tickets available from the company right here at the B&B. There are also discount vouchers available. Just ask for it.


If you wish to visit buy the tickets online as long before as possible.  Otherwise you might not have the chance t visit at all.
To buy tickets click here


If you are a museum lover and you plan to visit a lot of museums you might want to consider buying a Museum Card. You need to do the math and see if the tickets you want to buy are together more expensive than the card. This card can be used in ALL the museums in the country, not only in Amsterdam and it is valid one year. (Dutch version but with the list of all the museums)


On the website of Amsterdam you can find a lot of information about the city and what to do. If you are planning to visit a lot of sightseeing spots, you might want to consider the City Card that gives you free entrance or discount in lots of attractions.

Click here to visit the website


Every day you can get last minute tickets for 50% reduced prices at the Last minute ticket shop.
Click here to buy tickets.